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Painless root canal treatment

Firstly a cavity is prepared to get access to the Pulp then the Pulp tissues are taken out of the tooth and root canals are cleaned thoroughly with files. Then the inert, natural, bio compatible material is filled in the canals and then permanent filling and capping is done. The entire procedure of RCT is done under Local Anaesthesia for the utmost comfort of patient and totally painless procedure. With the advent of newer and better technology i.e. Protaper, the RCTs are now being done in single sitting only. It saves multiple visits of the patients for the same procedure. Only in some cases of RCTs or in case of severe infection your dental surgeon might opt for multiple sitting root canal treatment and during the procedure he will be putting medicaments and temporary filling in tooth so that the infection drains and the heaing of irritated periodontium takes place. For some cases Antibiotic coverage might also be required prior to or during the treatment.


Adult Orthodontics:

Braces are not just for kids anymore. Teeth can be moved at any age if your gums and bone structure is healthy. We offer braces for different age groups including adults.

Many adults are now opting for orthodontic treatment. They realize that improving the health of their mouth and the attractiveness of their smiles and facial appearances can result in changes in their personal, social and professional lives. The treatment usually last for a period of 12 months to 18 months

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Advantages of RCT

Root Canal treatment is the only option to save the tooth when the pulp gets traumatised or is infected due to caries which leads to pain and sensitivity. If RCT is not done in time and is delayed;the tooth might have to be extracted. It's a boon to dental practice.

Post & Core

Even a grossly decayed tooth with hardly any crown structure left can also be saved nowadays with the procedure called Post & Core.

In this procedure, the first step is to do a RCT and then after the RCT is completed, very thin and small posts are placed in the Root Canals. Posts are strong pin like structure that are placed in Root Canals and around them the Core i.e. crown structure is build just like the natural tooth. Then a ceramic or metal crown capping is done on the tooth and the tooth is saved from extraction.

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